The City of Paris and the Rise of Clinical Medicine

  title={The City of Paris and the Rise of Clinical Medicine},
  author={Dora B. Weiner and Michael J. Sauter},
  pages={23 - 42}
This article argues that the city of Paris played a unique role in shaping clinical medicine at the Paris hospital at the turn of the nineteenth century. Under outstanding clinicians such as Corvisart, Pinel, Bichat, Desault, Alibert, Bayle, and Laennec, who headed the "Paris School," teaching and research became hospital-based. New methods such as percussion, mediate auscultation, and psychological evaluation were introduced, and autopsies became routine. Chaptal, a physician and minister of… 
LE CONSEIL GÉNÉRAL D'ADMINISTRATION DES HOSPICES CIVILS DE PARIS : Science d’administration des hôpitaux et médecine clinique (1801-1832)
This Ph. D. thesis aims at bringing to light a part of clinical medicine's genealogy, through an original and forgotten institution: the Conseil General d'Administration des Hospices Civils de Paris, to situate the institution within its own political and administrative context, thus revealing one of the many aspects through which the political power commits itself to health and medicine.
Exchanges and interactions between Padua and Vienna medical schools in the XIX century
  • F. Zampieri
  • Medicine
    Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift
  • 2020
The Morgagni method came back to Padua through the leading role of the Vienna Medical School, which deeply influenced the University of Padua during the different phases of Austrian domination in north Italy.
Anatomy and the Reconfiguration of Life and Death in Republican China
It is argued that the establishment of anatomo-power in China preceded and set the foundation for biopower.
Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo: saúde e assistência se tornam públicas (1875-1910)
The purpose of this work is to evaluate the activities developed at Santa Casa de Misericordia de Sao Paulo as seen from the interweaving of the themes of the state, the philanthropy and health
Past, present and future of university hospitals
It is argued that university hospitals can continue to play an important and critical role in promoting evidence-based medicine and speedy translation of new evidence in tomorrow’s medicine.
Formação do conceito de afasia na obra de Paul Broca
PAULA, J. C. DE. Formation of the Concept of Aphasia in Paul Broca's Work. Dissertation (Master) Institute of Psychology, University of São Paulo, 2019. This dissertation describes the historical
Heart cancer in the writings of the anatomo-clinical School members.
In the 19th century medicine flourished in Paris thanks to the advent of the anatomo-clinical School which introduced new methods of clinical examination and diagnosis which paved the way for the rising of specialties such as cardiology and oncology.
A history of physical examination texts and the conception of bedside diagnosis.
Examining modern physical-examination textbooks to discover the roots of the present conception of diagnosis in general, bedside diagnosis in particular, and the teaching of physical examination from near 1880 to the present, during which time the physical examination was replaced by laboratory tests and imaging studies as the most valued diagnostic endeavors.
The Stethoscope in 19th-Century American Practice: Ideas, Rhetoric, and Eventual Adoption.
  • R. A. Reinhart
  • Medicine
    Canadian bulletin of medical history = Bulletin canadien d'histoire de la medecine
  • 2020
The ideas and rhetoric in medical journal articles, advertisements, and medical school textbooks are examined to learn what was thought by physicians to be important in their practice, reflecting gradual acceptance and adoption of the stethoscope by American practitioners.
Two students and a corpse: the semantics of disgust in the making of colonial knowledge
ABSTRACT The central piece in Cairo medical school’s museum is a painting portraying the school’s first dissection lesson. Dissection was central to the agenda of the school’s founder, Antoine


To See With a Better Eye: A Life of R.T.H. Laennec (review)
high mortality in marshland parishes. Its gradual disappearance was, in turn, primarily a result of environmental improvements, including drainage and new farming techniques. The great merit of
Histoire des sciences médicales
A B E L A N E T René et SAINT-MAUR Paul P. de. Le Musée Dupuytren : passé et présent 127 B O U C H E R Maurice. La maladie de Maurice Ravel 191 B O U C H E T Alain. Brève histoire de la médecine
Structure et fonctionnement de la Faculté de Médecine de Paris en 1813
RESUME. — La decouverte aux Archives nationales d'un long rapport inedit sur les activites de la Faculte de Medecine de Paris est a la base de cette etude. Elle comporte un condense de ce document,
[Xavier Bichat].
On Aging and Old Age: Basic Problems and Historic Aspects of Gerontology and Geriatrics (The Hague: Junk, 1958)
  • Schweizerische medizinische Wochenschrift
  • 1961
La Berge , " The Paris Health Council , 1802 - 1848 , " Bull
  • French Doctors Face War , 1792 - 1815 , " in From the Ancien Regime to the Popular Front : Essays in the History of Modern France in Honor of Shepard B . Clough
  • 1969