The Circular Economy - A New Sustainability Paradigm?

  title={The Circular Economy - A New Sustainability Paradigm?},
  author={Martin Geissdoerfer and Paulo Savaget and Nancy M. P. Bocken and Erik Jan Hultink},
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Circular Economy and Sustainability: the Past, the Present and the Future Directions
The concepts of circular economy (CE) and sustainability (S) have lately gained momentum among scholars, theorists, academics, and practitioners. Although these concepts are considered necessary to
Towards a Sustainable Circular Economy
The circular economy (CE) is a new paradigm that helps create convergence into a more sustainable society. This chapter shows the main findings of a systematic literature review examining the state
Innovation and the circular economy: A systematic literature review
The circular economy emerged as an alternative model to the linear system, which now appears to be reaching its physical limitations. To transition to a circular economy, companies must not only be
Circular Economy and the Transition to a Sustainable Society: Integrated Assessment Methods for a New Paradigm
The circular economy concept has recently gained prominence in political debate and corporate discourse around the world as a pathway towards sustainability. The academic debate is characterised by
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In this paper, we provide early insights about a rethinking of the dominant logic of circular economy (CE) systems, which are described by the literature as still too strongly focused on the
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The Circular Economy is a relatively immature research landscape, particularly when considered from an Innovation perspective. However it is gaining momentum and according to critics offers a
Futures Studies & the Circular Economy: an Interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainable Development
While the Circular Economy (CE) is gaining traction as a new economic paradigm to overcome the linear economy, it has not yet developed an understanding on how to transition from the present into the


The Circular Economy: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Concept and Application in a Global Context
There have long been calls from industry for guidance in implementing strategies for sustainable development. The Circular Economy represents the most recent attempt to conceptualize the integration
Business and production solutions: closing loops and the circular economy
Traditional production frameworks and business models are now being challenged by alternatives that are informed by biology. The alternative paradigm, based on ecosystem models, argues that shifting
Creating sustainable value
Executive Overview Just as the creation of shareholder value requires performance on multiple dimensions, the global challenges associated with sustainable development are also multifaceted,
The roots of sustainability
Management literature today abounds with stories about the business case for sustainability. Yet, the author suggests, much of business's efforts in the name of sustainable development at best only
Value mapping for sustainable business thinking
Pressures on business to operate sustainably are increasing. This requires companies to adopt a systemic approach that seeks to integrate consideration of the three dimensions of sustainability –
A Vision of Industrial Ecology: State-of-the-Art Practices for a Circular and Service-Based Economy
This article provides a comprehensive synthesis of state-of-the-art approaches used by industry to improve human, social, and environmental sustainability. Currently available methods such as product
Waste to wealth: the circular economy advantage
Waste to Wealth by Lacy and Rutqvist is about a new era of growth and innovation where waste is the ‘biggest economic opportunity of our time’: the era of the circular economy. Although the concepts