The Circular Economy: A New Development Strategy in China

  title={The Circular Economy: A New Development Strategy in China},
  author={Zengwei Yuan and Jun Bi and Yuichi Moriguichi},
  journal={Journal of Industrial Ecology},
Activities over the past several years, however, clearly show that CE is emerging as an economic strategy rather than a purely environmental strategy. The major objective of the government is to promote the sustainable development of economy and society, while it also helps to achieve sustainable environmental protection. powers, increasing the wealth of the population and providing employment and business opportunities. The rapid economic growth, however, has engendered serious natural… 

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Circular Economy can Provide a Sustainable Global Society

  • H. Mohajan
  • Economics
    Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People
  • 2020
Since start of the Industrial Revolution about 260 years ago, the negative effects from the traditional linear economy (LE) become threat to the stability of the economies and natural ecosystems.

Circular economy in China – the environmental dimension of the harmonious society

This paper discusses China’s policy of developing an ecologically based circular economy (CE). In this paper, CE is understood as the environmental dimension of the wider vision of China as a



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