The Christchurch mosque shooting, the media, and subsequent gun control reform in New Zealand: a descriptive analysis

  title={The Christchurch mosque shooting, the media, and subsequent gun control reform in New Zealand: a descriptive analysis},
  author={Susanna Every-Palmer and Richard. Cunningham and Mathew Jenkins and Edward Bell},
  journal={Psychiatry, Psychology and Law},
  pages={274 - 285}
In March 2019, a mass shooting at two Christchurch mosques, livestreamed to Facebook, resulted in the deaths of 51 people. Psychologically, this served as a focusing event with high threat salience, shocking a country unused to gun violence despite its comparatively lax firearm legislation. The unprecedented reluctance by the New Zealand media to feature the shooter as a protagonist or even publish his name, concentrating instead on victims and societal issues, helped promote a sense of… 
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