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The Child: Development from Birth Through Adolescence

  title={The Child: Development from Birth Through Adolescence},
  author={Judith Rich Harris and Robert M. Liebert},
Reproductive health beliefs and behaviors in teens with diabetes: application of the Expanded Health Belief Model
To identify significant correlates among constructs of the EHBM with reproductive health behaviors and metabolic control in teenaged women with type 1 diabetes and preconception counseling, the Expanded Health Belief Model is studied.
The impact of group selection on student performance and satisfaction
Investigates whether the performance and attitudes of students could be improved by giving them some control over the group selection process. Groups were formed either by randomly combining paired
A prospective cohort study of childhood behavioral deviance and language abnormalities as predictors of adult schizophrenia.
Unintelligible speech at age 7 was a highly significant predictor of adult schizophrenia, and poor expressive language ability predicted both schizophrenia and unaffected sibling outcome, and early behavioral and language dysfunction did not differentially characterize preschizophrenia subjects with a history of fetal hypoxia.
The fears of early Childhhod: Writing in response to a study of Maurice Sendak
This thesis looks at a series of stories written for children by Maurice Sendak. They are: Where The Wild Things Are (Chapter 3), In the Night Ki tchen (Chapter 4), Outside Over There (Chapter 5) and
Academic Underachievement Among the Gifted: Students' Perceptions of Factors that Reverse the Pattern
Underachievement among the gifted has been a focus of research for over 35 years. With few exceptions, studies of interventions for gifted underachievers have demonstrated only limited success. This