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The Chern Character of {\theta}-summable Fredholm Modules over dg Algebras and the Supersymmetric Path Integral

  title={The Chern Character of \{\theta\}-summable Fredholm Modules over dg Algebras and the Supersymmetric Path Integral},
  author={Batu Guneysu and Matthias Ludewig},
  journal={arXiv: K-Theory and Homology},
We introduce the notion of a {\theta}-summable Fredholm module over a locally convex dg algebra {\Omega} and construct its Chern character as an entire cyclic cocyle in the entire cyclic complex of {\Omega}, leading to a cohomology class in the entire cyclic cohomology of {\Omega}. This extends the cocycle of Jaffe, Lesniewski and Osterwalder to the differential graded case. Using this Chern character, we prove an index theorem involving an abstract version of a Bismut-Chern character… 

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