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The Checkered Career of Parens Patriae: The State as Parent or Tyrant?

  title={The Checkered Career of Parens Patriae: The State as Parent or Tyrant?},
  author={George B. Curtis},
  journal={Depaul Law Review},
Of Ebbs and Flows: Understanding the Legal Consequences of Granting Personhood to Natural Entities in India
Abstract A study of the rights regime for environmental protection in India indicates that such protections overlap with constitutional rights guaranteed primarily to citizens or persons under the
Case Studies in Society, Religion, and Bioethics
Religious Refusal of Medical Treatment*
Various groups, some based solely in the United States and others with worldwide followers, reject all medical care in favor of faith healing while others reject only specified procedures on the
A Comparative Overview
INTRODUCTION This book reviews selected topics in the law of succession from a comparative and, in some instances, a historical perspective. It seems well to begin, however, with an overview of some
A Historical Overview
An Economic Analysis
An Economic Analysis of TPF
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