The Charcôt-Bouchard aneurysm controversy: impact of a new histologic technique.

  title={The Charc{\^o}t-Bouchard aneurysm controversy: impact of a new histologic technique.},
  author={Venkat R Challa and Dixon M. Moody and M. Adeline Bell},
  journal={Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology},
  volume={51 3},
For over a century a controversy has existed about the prevalence and significance of Charcôt-Bouchard (C-B) aneurysms, especially regarding their relationship to intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) in man. We reassessed C-B aneurysms by staining thick brain sections from 35 hypertensives and 20 normotensives with the alkaline phosphatase (AP) endothelial stain followed by light microscopy and high-resolution microradiography. Charcôt-Bouchard aneurysms were conspicuously absent in both groups which… CONTINUE READING


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