The Changing Racial and Administrative Structure of the Peruvian Military under the Later Bourbons

  title={The Changing Racial and Administrative Structure of the Peruvian Military under the Later Bourbons},
  author={Leon G. Campbell},
  journal={The Americas},
  pages={117 - 133}
Despite the fact that the conquest of Spanish America had been primarily a military undertaking, during two centuries of Hapsburg rule the army played a secondary role, with real power and authority being vested in a pervasive civil bureaucracy. The armed groups of adelantados who had initially conquered Peru lacked the objectives and organizational structure of true militaries. Fighters rather than soldiers, their social positions defined more through the possession of encomiendas than by… 

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The phenomenon of peasant revolt in the Andean area of South America has been both sustained and violent from Spanish colonial times to the present. The revolt of Túpac Amaru II, who led a rebellion

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Crown representatives to Brazil and informed commentators on the social scene such as Vilhena noted the lack of common purpose, of shared experiences, and of homogeneity among persons of African

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“I, Juan Garrido, black resident [de color negro vecino] of this city [Mexico], appear before Your Mercy and state that I am in need of making a probanza to the perpetuity of the king [a perpetuad

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This paper revises the traditional view of Spain as a predatory colonial state that extracted revenue from natural resources and populations in the Americas while offering little in return. Using

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Political and Economic Life

UP. SUBJECT is Colonial Institutions and Contemporary Latin America: my portion is political and economic life. Both subject and portion are vast and attractive but fearfully complex. As we all know,

By the end of the colony Spain had 29 fijo regiments stationed in America with a total strength of 28,969 soldiers. Of these

  • 931 were Spaniards. Garcia Gallo
  • 1901

Biblioteca Nacional Lima. N o . C4383 Expediente . . . de varios oficiales del ejercito se la ciudad de Arequipa, sobre a quien corresponde el mando militar en ausencia u otro motivo del Sr

  • Memorias de los virreyes