The Chandra view of the relation between X-ray and UV emission in quasars

  title={The Chandra view of the relation between X-ray and UV emission in quasars},
  author={Susanna Bisogni and Elisabeta Lusso and F. Civano and Emanuele Nardini and Guido Risaliti and Martin Elvis and Giuseppina Fabbiano},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
We present a study of the relation between X-rays and ultraviolet emission in quasars for a sample of broad-line, radio-quiet objects obtained from the cross-match of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR14 with the latest Chandra Source Catalog 2.0 (2332 quasars) and the Chandra COSMOS Legacy survey (273 quasars). The non-linear relation between the ultraviolet (at 2500Å, L UV ) and the X-ray (at 2keV, L X ) emission in quasars has been proved to be characterised by a smaller intrinsic dispersion… 
Deep XMM-Newton Observations of an X-ray Weak Broad Absorption Line Quasar at z = 6.5
We report X-ray observations of the most distant known gravitationally lensed quasar, J0439+1634 at z = 6.52, which is also a broad absorption line (BAL) quasar, using the XMM-Newton Observatory.
The X-Ray Luminosity Function Evolution of Quasars and the Correlation between the X-Ray and Ultraviolet Luminosities
We explore the evolution of the X-ray luminosity function of quasars and the intrinsic correlation between the X-ray and 2500 Å ultraviolet luminosities, utilizing techniques verified in previous


2011), we inferred a correction as a function of red
  • 2011
For DR7 sources, we used the 2500-Å flux made available by Shen et al. (2011) through spectral fitting
  • 2006