The Chandra Fornax Survey. I. The Cluster Environment

  title={The Chandra Fornax Survey. I. The Cluster Environment},
  author={Caleb A. Scharf and David R. Zurek and Martin Bureau},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  pages={154 - 164}
We present the first results of a deep Chandra survey of the inner ~1° of the Fornax cluster of galaxies. Ten 50 ks pointings were obtained in a mosaic centered on the giant elliptical galaxy NGC 1399 at the nominal cluster center. Emission and temperature maps of Fornax are presented, and an initial study of more than 700 detected X-ray point sources is made. Regions as small as 100 pc are resolved. The intracluster gas in Fornax exhibits a highly asymmetric morphology and temperature… 

Chandra Detection of Intracluster X-Ray Sources in Fornax

Based on archival Chandra observations with a total exposure of 1.3 Ms, we study X-ray point sources in the Fornax cluster of galaxies, with the primary aim of searching for intracluster X-ray source

Globular clusters and dwarf galaxies in Fornax. I. Kinematics in the cluster core from multi-object

Aims. We acquired radial velocities of a significant number of globular clusters (GCs) on wide fields between galaxies in the nearby Fornax cluster of galaxies, in order to derive their velocity

The Fornax Cluster VLT Spectroscopic Survey – I. VIMOS spectroscopy of compact stellar systems in the Fornax core region

We present the results of a wide spectroscopic survey aimed at detecting extragalactic globular clusters (GCs) in the core of the Fornax cluster. About 4500 low-resolution spectra (from 4800 to 10000

Gas Sloshing Regulates and Records the Evolution of the Fornax Cluster

We present results of a joint Chandra and XMM-Newton analysis of the Fornax Cluster, the nearest galaxy cluster in the southern sky. Signatures of merger-induced gas sloshing can be seen in the X-ray

The MeerKAT Fornax Survey

We present the science case and observations plan of the MeerKAT Fornax Survey, an HI and radio continuum survey of the Fornax galaxy cluster to be carried out with the SKA precursor MeerKAT. Fornax

The ALMA Fornax Cluster Survey I: stirring and stripping of the molecular gas in cluster galaxies

We present the first results of the ALMA Fornax Cluster Survey: a complete ALMA survey of all members of the Fornax galaxy cluster that were detected in H I or in the far-infrared with Herschel. The

Chandra survey of nearby highly inclined disc galaxies – I. X-ray measurements of galactic coronae

We present a systematical analysis of the Chandra observations of 53 nearby highly inclined (i 60 ◦ ) disc galaxies to study the coronae around them. This sample covers a broad range of galaxy

The Fornax Deep Survey with the VST. VIII. Connecting the accretion history with the cluster density

This work is based on deep multi-band (g, r, i) data from the Fornax Deep Survey with VST. We analyse the surface brightness profiles of the 19 bright ETGs inside the virial radius of the Fornax

The Herschel Fornax Cluster Survey I: The Bright Galaxy Sample

We present Herschel Space Telescope observations of the nearby Fornax cluster at 100, 160, 250, 350 and 500 mu m with a spatial resolution of 7-36 arcsec (10 arcsec approximate to 1 kpc at d(Fornax)

The Fornax3D project: Tracing the assembly history of the cluster from the kinematic and line-strength maps

The 31 brightest galaxies (mB ≤ 15 mag) inside the virial radius of the Fornax cluster were observed from the centres to the outskirts with the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer on the Very Large



X-Ray Emission from the Fornax Cluster

We have analyzed the ROSAT PSPC observations of the central region of the Fornax cluster, a relatively poor group of galaxies at a distance of about 24 Mpc. The brightest X-ray and optical galaxy in

Infall of the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1404 into the Fornax Cluster

We use three Chandra observations, totaling 134.3 ks, to constrain the dynamical motion of NGC 1404 falling toward the dominant elliptical NGC 1399 through the Fornax Cluster gas. The surface

The Chandra Fornax Survey

With a mean intra-cluster gas temperature of 1.2 keV Fornax is representative of the critical boundary between massive clusters and groups. We have obtained a mosaic of ten 50 ksec ACIS-I pointings

An XMM-Newton Observation of NGC 1399 Reveals Two Phases of Hot Gas and Supersolar Abundances in the Central Regions

We present an initial analysis of a new XMM-Newton observation of NGC 1399, the central elliptical galaxy of the Fornax group. Spectral fitting of the spatially resolved spectral data of the European

Deep ROSAT HRI Observations of the NGC 1399/NGC 1404 Region: Morphology and Structure of the X-Ray Halo

We present the analysis of a deep (167 ks) ROSAT HRI observation of the cD galaxy NGC 1399 in the Fornax Cluster, comparing it with previous work on this galaxy and with recent Chandra data. We find,

The central region of the Fornax cluster II. Spectroscopy and radial velocities of member and background galaxies

Radial velocities of 94 galaxies brighter than aboutVtot = 20 mag in the direction of the central Fornax cluster have been measured 1 . Except for 8 Fornax mem- bers, all galaxies lie in the

The X-Ray Globular Cluster Population in NGC 1399

We report on the Chandra observations of the elliptical galaxy NGC 1399, concentrating on the X-ray sources identified with globular clusters (GCs). A large fraction of the 2-10 keV X-ray emission in

A Moving Cold Front in the Intergalactic Medium of A3667

We present results from a Chandra observation of the central region of the galaxy cluster A3667 with emphasis on the prominent sharp X-ray brightness edge spanning 0.5 Mpc near the cluster core. Our

XMM-Newton Study of A3562 and Its Immediate Shapley Environs

Using a mosaic of six XMM-Newton observations, we study the hydrodynamic state of A3562, a cluster in the center of the Shapley supercluster. The X-ray image reveals a sharp surface brightness

Substructure and Dynamics of the Fornax Cluster

We present the first dynamical analysis of a galaxy cluster to include a large fraction of dwarf galaxies. Our sample of 108 Fornax Cluster members measured with the UK Schmidt Telescope FLAIR-II