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The Challenges and Benefits of Unschooling, According to 232 Families Who Have Chosen that Route

  title={The Challenges and Benefits of Unschooling, According to 232 Families Who Have Chosen that Route},
  author={Peter Gray and Gina Riley},
Unschooling families (families that don’t send their children to school and don’t school them at home) were invited to participate in a survey about their unschooling practices. Two hundred and thirty two self-identified unschooling families, with at least one child over five years old, completed and returned the questionnaire. Qualitative analyses revealed considerable variability in the routes to unschooling and in the ways in which the parents saw themselves as involved in their children’s… Expand
Grown Unschoolers’ Evaluations of Their Unschooling Experiences: Report I on a Survey of 75 Unschooled Adults
Seventy-five adults, who had been unschooled for at least the years that would have been their last two years of high school, responded to a survey about their experiences. Their responses indicatedExpand
Unschooling and Social Justice/Multicultural Education: (Un)Realized Potential
An online survey of unschooling families (student-directed form of homeschooling) sought to discover whether and how unschooled children experience a social justice curriculum (one that seeks equityExpand
Children’s Natural Ways of Educating Themselves Still Work: Even for the Three Rs
Most educational research has been conducted in standard school settings. In this chapter, the author describes how children become educated in hunter-gatherer cultures, at a radically alternativeExpand
The Courage To Let Them Play: Factors Influencing And Limiting Feelings Of Self-Efficacy In Unschooling Mothers
Work and play are dichotomized in society and the conventional education system. Stepping outside of society’s educational norms and allowing children more free play/choice is not easy, but moreExpand
Unschooling is a variation of homeschooling where, instead of following a set curriculum, children learn through everyday life experiences. As an increasing number of families are choosing toExpand
Grown Unschoolers’ Experiences with Higher Education and Employment: Report II on a Survey of 75 Unschooled Adults
Those who had been unschooled throughout what would have been their K-12 years were more likely to go on to a bachelor’s program than were those who had some schooling or curriculum-based homeschooling during those years. Expand
Techno Teacher Moms: Web 2.0 Connecting Mothers in the Home Education Community
Home education is on the rise in Australia. However, unlike parents who choose mainstream schooling, these parents often lack the support of a wider community to help them on their educational andExpand
Self-Directed Education—Unschooling and Democratic Schooling
Education, broadly defined, is cultural transmission. It is the process or set of processes by which each new generation of human beings acquires and builds upon the skills, knowledge, beliefs,Expand
Unschooling motherhood: caring and belonging in mothers’ time-space
Abstract For mothers, time is experienced in unique patterns reflecting mother-child relationships shaped by caring responsibilities and producing notions of belonging. The temporal and spatialExpand
The Challenges and Benefits of Unschooling
In this chapter, the challenges and benefits of unschooling according to research are discussed. Challenges include feelings of social pressure regarding the decision to unschool, practicalExpand


Producing unschoolers: Learning through living in a U.S. education movement
In this study, I explore some of the inherent and lived tensions or paradoxes produced through the principles and practices of the governmental and educational contexts of the neoliberal milieu,Expand
"Nerdy Know-it-Alls" and "Paranoid Parents": Images of Alternative Learning in Films and Television Programs
This study examines how homeschooling, unschooling and alternative learners have been portrayed in five recent films and television programs. It also investigates whether the media are groundingExpand
The Politics of Homeschooling
Homeschooling has developed from a small, isolated, parent-led effort to a vibrant national movement to lobby for and legalize K-12 education at home in all 50 states. Although a majority ofExpand
The impact of schooling on academic achievement: Evidence from homeschooled and traditionally schooled students.
Although homeschooling is growing in prevalence, its educational outcomes remain unclear. The presentstudy compared the academic achievements of homeschooled children with children attendingExpand
A Different Kind of Teacher: Solving the Crisis of American Schooling
jonathan kozol still separate still unequal by jonathan kozol published in harper s magazine v 311 n 1864 september 1 2005 the problem we all live with by norman rockwell collection of the normanExpand
Homeschoolers Entering Community Colleges: Perceptions of Admission Officers.
22 WWW.NACACNET.ORG Dr. Kellie sorey currently serves as college registrar at Tidewater Community College (VA) and also teaches Statistics Applied to Research at Old Dominion University (VA). She hasExpand
Instead of Education: Ways to Help People Do Things Better
Holt's emphasis on solutions distinguishes this book from others that are critical of our failing educational system. The book is packed with ideas about and examples of creating learningExpand
Home-Schooled Students Rise in Supply and Demand.
For Katelin E. Dutill, high school began as soon as she woke up each day. During her senior year she would tackle her hardest courses first, while her 20-month-old sister was still asleep. That oftenExpand
There's no place like home : an evaluation of early supported discharge for stroke.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Because stroke management is aimed at facilitating community reintegration, it would be logical that the sooner the patient can be discharged home, the sooner reintegration canExpand
Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A'S, Praise, and Other Bribes
Alfie Kohn challenges our reliance on carrot-and-stick psychology in Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise, and Other Bribes. This is an intriguing indictmentExpand