The Centenary of Confederation as a Milestone in the Evolution of Canadian National Consciousness

  title={The Centenary of Confederation as a Milestone in the Evolution of Canadian National Consciousness},
  author={Kseniya Eremenko},
  journal={{\'E}tudes canadiennes / Canadian Studies},
  • K. Eremenko
  • Published 30 June 2018
  • Sociology
  • Études canadiennes / Canadian Studies
The centenary of the Canadian Confederation is regarded as one of the key moments in the evolution of Canadian nationhood. This paper focuses on those structural determinants by which Canadian national identity had been formed and articulated in the public discourse through large-scale celebratory activities. Analyzing temporal symbolism of major Centennial events, the paper examines how they treated the theme of Canadian past, present, and future. It is claimed that it was the past that drew… 


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[Collective memory].
  • H. Laborit
  • Sociology
    Agressologie: revue internationale de physio-biologie et de pharmacologie appliquees aux effets de l'agression
  • 1979
This workshop continues the discussion from the previous year on the recent developments in memory studies in terms of approaches, frameworks and methods and how these might be relevant to archival scholarship.