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The Cenozoic of southern Africa

  title={The Cenozoic of southern Africa},
  author={Timothy C. Partridge and Rodney Maud},
This book is devoted exclusively to the Cenozoic era in southern Africa. The authors explore a variety of themes within this time frame, beginning with the evolution of the major landforms of the subcontinent: the old landscapes of southern Africa are host to a wide variety of deposits of differing ages. Special emphasis is placed on the cave fills of the interior, whose rich yield of early hominid and faunal remains have focused the attention of a host of paleoanthropologists and… 
Shaping of modern southern African biomes: Neogene vegetation and climate changes
Long-term trends in climate, hydrology and geomorphology contributed to the formation of the current biomes of southern Africa. The Neogene terrestrial fossil record is patchy, due to the
Some Concepts on Gondwana Landscapes: Long-Term Landscape Evolution, Genesis, Distribution and Age
The concept of “Gondwana Landscape” was defined by Fairbridge (The encyclopedia of geomorphology. Reinhold Book Corporation, New York, p. 483, 1968) as an “ancestral landscape” composed of “series of
Formation and Collapse of the Kalahari Duricrust [‘African Surface’] Across the Congo Basin, with Implications for Changes in Rates of Cenozoic Off-Shore Sedimentation
Following Gondwana break-up and the separation of Africa from Antarctica, India and South America, significant climate fluctuations and epeirogenic uplift have influenced the formation of the
Dynamics of late Cenozoic aeolian deposition along the South African coast: a record of evolving climate and ecosystems
Abstract Dune systems along the South African coast are sensitive barometers of fluctuations in palaeoenvironments, as archived in their orientation, geometry, internal architecture, composition,
The African landscape through space and time
It is generally accepted that Cenozoic epeirogeny of the African continent is moderated by convective circulation of the mantle. Nevertheless, the spatial and temporal evolution of Africa's