The Causes of the Holocaust

  title={The Causes of the Holocaust},
  author={Timothy D. Snyder},
  journal={Contemporary European History},
  pages={149 - 168}
Not long ago I was discussing before a theatre audience in Philadelphia a performance of ‘Our Class’, Tadeusz Słobodziański's remarkable theatrical reinterpretation of Jan Gross's pioneering book Neighbors. It helped so very much that the discussion took place after rather than before the performance! It is a great honour to find my book at the centre of this discussion by colleagues, but it would be great vanity on my part to expect that every reader of this exchange will have first read my… 
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Religious Proselytism and the Illusion World Peace: The Disservice of World Religions

This work is constructed on the hypothesis that religious proselytism is the tool in the hands of the three major monotheistic religions with which they canvass/campaign for membership recruitment.



Nazi Empire-Building and the Holocaust in Ukraine

On 16 July 1941, Adolf Hitler convened top Nazi leaders at his headquarters in East Prussia to dictate how they would rule the newly occupied eastern territories. Ukraine, the "jewel" in the Nazi