The Catholics, the Cathars, and the Concept of Infinity in the Thirteenth Century

  title={The Catholics, the Cathars, and the Concept of Infinity in the Thirteenth Century},
  author={Anne Ashley Davenport},
  pages={263 - 295}
This essay examines mathematical arguments used by two thirteenth-century theologians, Alexander Nequam and Richard Fishacre, to defend the consistency of divine infinity. In connection with their arguments, the following question is raised: Why did theologians judge it appropriate to appeal to mathematical examples in addressing a purely theological issue? Inquiry into the broader social and political context suggests that the struggle of the church against heresy at this time played a crucial… 

The doctrine of ‘the resurrection of the same body’ in early modern thought

Abstract The Judaeo-Christian belief in the general resurrection has long been troubled by the issue of personal identity, but prior to the advent of such concerns there existed a cognate concern

A Fruitful or Wild French Vineyard? Distinguishing the Religious Roots of Albigenses and Waldensians in the Twelfth Century

  • O. Palombaro
  • History
    Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry
  • 2021
Much like how fruitful and wild branches are mixed in the same vineyard, there is a great deal of confusion when someone tries to discern the religious roots of heretical movements grown out of the

Robert Grosseteste and the Pursuit of Learning in the Thirteenth Century

The influence of Avicebron’s Fons vitae with its idea of Creation emanating from the deity has been recognized by many scholars as an important source for Robert Grosseteste’s De luce. It will be

Siena on the Silk Roads: Ambrogio Lorenzetti and the Mongol Global Century, 1250–1350

The Mongol Empire opened intellectual exchange across the Eurasian expanse, generating a century of translocal creativity and cultural innovation. Major artistic centers under the Mongol Ilkhanate,

Lost in the Labyrinth: Spinoza, Leibniz and the Continuum

In this thesis, I address the extent of Spinoza' s influence on the development of Leibniz's response to the continuum problem, with particular emphasis on his relational philosophy of time and

Ut Dicunt Medici: Medical Knowledge and Theological Debates in the Second Half of the Thirteenth Century

  • J. Ziegler
  • Medicine
    Bulletin of the history of medicine
  • 1999
Le dialogue interdisciplinaire entre les medecins et les theologiens est analyse en demontrant la densite des textes medicaux incorpores par les theologiens dans leurs textes, ainsi que le niveau de

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A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969

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A Study of Some Results on Countable Sets

In this research paper, we were able to study countable sets. To achieve this, fundamental ideas and concepts from set theory and mathematical analysis were considered. Some important theorems on



The Catholic Catechism (London

  • 1977

Et quamvis ita sis magnus, domine, ut omnia sint te plena et sint in te: sic tamen es sine omni spatio, ut nec medium nec dimidium nec ulla pars sit in te." Rodney Thomson points out that Nequam

  • 1979