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The Catholic Church and Modernity in Europe

  title={The Catholic Church and Modernity in Europe},
  author={P. Beentjes},
Religiously inspired urbanism: Catholicism and the planning of the southern Dutch provincial cities Eindhoven and Roermond, c. 1900 to 1960
ABSTRACT: The discourse on twentieth-century urban planning has hidden from view the way religion (re)shaped the urban landscape. By analysing the interaction between urban development and CatholicExpand
Town planning as a socio-religious issue. The ‘big city’ advisory committee and the urban redevelopment of Eindhoven and its environs, 1945–1960
The post-war reconstruction years of the 1940s and 1950s are generally referred to as the breakthrough of modernism in urban planning. The Netherlands in particular stands out internationally as aExpand
Orthodox Christianity, Modernity and Postmodernity: Overview, Analysis and Assessment
Can Orthodox Christianity be characterised and classified as modern, antimodern, premodern or even postmodern? Which of these features can depict more adequately this historical branch ofExpand
Thomism and the Renewal of Theology. Chenu, Charlier, and their Ressourcement
ABSTRACT La nouvelle théologie is often associated with a certain disapprobation of Thomism. Yet in its “first phase,” the theological renewal of the Dominicans M.-D. Chenu (Le Saulchoir) and LouisExpand