The Catalytic Site of Manganese Peroxidase

  title={The Catalytic Site of Manganese Peroxidase},
  author={L Robert and A C Harris and Hiroyuki Wariishia and Michael H. Gold and H B Paul and Ortiz de MontellanoSlI},
Manganese peroxidase (MnP), which normally oxidizes Mn2+ to Mn3+, is rapidly and completely inactivated in an HzO,-dependent reaction by 2 equivalents of sodium azide. The inactivation is paralleled by formation of the azidyl radical and high yield conversion of the prosthetic heme into a meso-azido adduct. The meso-azido enzyme is oxidized by H2Oz to a Compound 11-like species with the Soret band red-shifted 2 nm relative to that of native Compound 11. The time-dependent decrease in this… CONTINUE READING