The CatSper channel mediates progesterone-induced Ca2+ influx in human sperm

  title={The CatSper channel mediates progesterone-induced Ca2+ influx in human sperm},
  author={T. Str{\"u}nker and Normann Goodwin and C. Brenker and N. Kashikar and I. Weyand and R. Seifert and U. B. Kaupp},
  • T. Strünker, Normann Goodwin, +4 authors U. B. Kaupp
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • In the oviduct, cumulus cells that surround the oocyte release progesterone. In human sperm, progesterone stimulates a Ca2+ increase by a non-genomic mechanism. The Ca2+ signal has been proposed to control chemotaxis, hyperactivation and acrosomal exocytosis of sperm. However, the underlying signalling mechanism has remained mysterious. Here we show that progesterone activates the sperm-specific, pH-sensitive CatSper Ca2+ channel. We found that both progesterone and alkaline pH stimulate a… CONTINUE READING
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