The Case for a 500 GeV e + e − Linear Collider American Linear Collider Working Group

  title={The Case for a 500 GeV e + e − Linear Collider American Linear Collider Working Group},
  author={Charles Baltay and T. Barker and T. L. Barklow and Ulrich Baur and T. Bolton and Jean Brau and Martin Breidenbach and Douglas R. Burke and P F Burrows and Lauren Dixon and H. Eugene Fisk and Richard K. Frey and David P. Gerdes and Norman Graf and Paul D. Grannis and Howard E. Haber and C. Hearty and S. S. Hertzbach and Clemens Ai Heusch and J. L. Hewett and Robert Hollebeek and Rockney Jacobsen and John Jaros and Teruki Kamon and Dean Albert Karlen and David S. Koltick and Andreas S. Kronfeld and William J. Marciano and Tom Markiewicz and Hitoshi Murayama and Uriel Nauenberg and Larry Orr and F. Paige and Michael E. Peskin and Frederick Porter and Keith Riles and M. C. Ronan and Lauren M Rosenberg and Bruce Schumm and Ryszard Stroynowski and S. Tkaczyk and Andr{\'e} S. Turcot and K. A. van Bibber and Rick Van Kooten and James D. Wells and Hideki Yamamoto},
Several proposals are being developed around the world for an ee linear collider with an initial center of mass energy of 500 GeV. In this paper, we will discuss why a project of this type deserves priority as the next major initiative in high energy physics. Work supported in part by the US Department of Energy under contracts DE–AC02–76CH03000, DE–AC02–98CH10886, DE–AC03–76SF00098, DE–AC03–76SF00515, and W–7405–ENG–048. ∗ editorial board for this paper 1 University of British Columbia… CONTINUE READING