The Case against Slang

  title={The Case against Slang},
  author={M. Millhauser},
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Slang Generation as Categorization
This paper presents Zhengqi Pei, Zhewei Sun, Yang Xu’s work on Slang Detection and Identification, which is presented at the 2019 Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning. Expand
Some thoughts on slang
Slang is a self-sufficient, subversive, oppositional subset of the English language. It has given a tongue, by no means inarticulate, to the marginal, the criminal and the dispossessed for at leastExpand
Assessing the Viability of the Urban Dictionary as a Resource for Slang
The use of slang is ubiquitous, especially in internet communities. This paper evaluates the success of conventional dictionary and thesaurus-based semantic similarity assessments on The UrbanExpand
Slang: A male domain?
A brief overview of various definitions of the problematic term “slang” precedes a discussion of stereotyped perceptions of slang and whether it is a male or female linguistic characteristic.Expand
The Social Role of Slang
ABSTRACT Slang is a common linguistic behaviour. Despite this it has been collected rather than defined and studied by linguistics. Dumas and Lighter have attempted to establish criteria for definingExpand
ALTHOUGH THE PHENOMENON has frequently been discussed, the term SLANG has rarely been defined in a way that is useful to linguists.' Annoyance and frustration await anyone who searches theExpand