The Case Against Affirmative Action

  title={The Case Against Affirmative Action},
  author={Louis P. Pojman},
  journal={International Journal of Applied Philosophy},
  • L. Pojman
  • Published 1 April 1998
  • Philosophy
  • International Journal of Applied Philosophy
Affirmative action is becoming the most controversial social issue of our day. In this essay, I examine nine arguments on the moral status of affirmative action. I distinguish between weak affirmative action, whixch seeks to provide fair opportunity to all citizens, from strong affirmative action, which enjoins preferential treatment to groups who have been underrepresented in social positions. I conclude that while weak affirmative action is morally reuired, strong affirmative action is… 

Philosophical Analysis of Gender Based Affirmative Action Policy in Kenya with Respect to Theory of Justice

This is a multi-disciplinary research. It focuses on socio-political philosophy, with an aim of giving a philosophical analysis of gender based affirmative action policy in Kenya. It attempts to

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In this article I explore the theoretical and policy implications of direct state intervention into the constitution of corporate boards as a means to addressing institutional gender injustice. I

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In democratic political life, political philosophy, law, and public policy are often interrelated. John Rawls’s abstract thought experiment to develop, behind a veil of ignorance, basic institutions

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This article examines how Affirmative Action was used to govern access to higher education for the disadvantaged. In 1991, a gender-based Affirmative Action policy was incorporated into college

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This article argues that Higher Education Institutions should adopt positive action in recruitment and promotion to tackle women’s under-representation in senior leadership roles. In a tie-break

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In this paper I argue for the following conclusions. First, quotas are not normative goals in themselves but only a means to reach non-discriminatory selection procedures. Second, in a democracy

Affirmative Action for Gender Justice in South African and Kenyan Education Systems

  • B. Akala
  • Education
    Africa Education Review
  • 2019
Abstract Since women struggled to access higher education during the colonial era, tackling gender imbalances post-independence became a major focus for Kenya and South Africa. The aim of this

The Neoliberal Policy Agenda of the World Bank and Higher Education Reform in Ethiopia: The Problem of Inequality in Focus

Partly as a consequence of the knowledge-driven poverty reduction discourse of the World Bank (WB), higher education (HE) has assumed a central place in the development plans and strategies of

Nonideal Justice as Nonideal Fairness

  • Marcus Arvan
  • Philosophy
    Journal of the American Philosophical Association
  • 2019
Abstract This article argues that diverse theorists have reasons to theorize about fairness in nonideal conditions, including theorists who reject fairness in ideal theory. It then develops a new

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State belongs to all its citizen. This is why it has to create such a conducive environment where every kind of citizens' right are secure and they can freely exercise their opportunities. People



Affirmative Action: Social Justice or Unfair Preference?

The future of the academy is in the hands of those who believe in it and those who do not, and it is time to take action.

Sex differences in mental test scores, variability, and numbers of high-scoring individuals.

An analysis of mental test scores from six studies that used national probability samples provided evidence that although average sex differences have been generally small and stable over time, the test scores of males consistently have larger variance.

The nature of affirmative action, anti-gay oppression, and the alleviation of enduring harm

Dans le cadre d'un colloque sur l'action affirmative non-traditionnelle, l'A. mesure les consequences de la politique de l'action affirmative sur l'injustice des groupes opprimes tels que la

Are You Entitled to Affirmative Action

Dans le cadre d'un colloque sur l'action affirmative non-traditionnelle, l'A. souleve la question de la legitimite de l'action affirmative pour les pauvres, les femmes et les Afro-americains, sachant

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