The Cascades Framework for Query Optimization


This paper describes a new extensible query optimization framework that resolves many of the shortcomings of the EXODUS and Volcano optimizer generators. In addition to extensibility, dynamic programming, and memorization based on and extended from the EXODUS and Volcano prototypes, this new optimizer provides (i) manipulation of operator arguments using rules or functions, (ii) operators that are both logical and physical for predicates etc., (iii) schema-specific rules for materialized views, (iv) rules to insert ”enforcers” or ”glue operators,” (v) rule-specific guidance, permitting grouping of rules, (vi) basic facilities that will later permit parallel search, partially ordered cost measures, and dynamic plans, (vii) extensive tracing support, and (viii) a clean interface and implementation making full use of the abstraction mechanisms of C++. We describe and justify our design choices for each of these issues. The optimizer system described here is operational and will serve as the foundation for new query optimizers in Tandem’s NonStop SQL product and in Microsoft’s SQL Server product.

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