The Carcinogenic Activity of N-Monomethyl- and N-Dimethyl-2-aminofluorene


ACETYLAMINOFLUORENE (A.A.F.) has been found to induce tumours in many organs of the rat. While this versatility is of advantage in certain experiments, in others it is a handicap, especially when the induction of tumours in one particular organ is the goal of an investigation. Thus the great susceptibility of the liver of the male rat to A.A.F. makes it… (More)
DOI: 10.1038/bjc.1952.9


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@article{Bielschowsky1952TheCA, title={The Carcinogenic Activity of N-Monomethyl- and N-Dimethyl-2-aminofluorene}, author={Franz Bielschowsky and Marianne Bielschowsky}, journal={British Journal of Cancer}, year={1952}, volume={6}, pages={89 - 92} }