The Canada-France Ecliptic Plane Survey - Full Data Release:

  title={The Canada-France Ecliptic Plane Survey - Full Data Release:},
  author={Jean-Marc Petit and J. J. Kavelaars and Brett James Gladman and R. Jones and Joel Wm. Parker and Christa L. Van Laerhoven and Phil D. Nicholson and Gilbert Mars and Philippe. Rousselot and Olivier Mousis and Brian Marsden and Allyson Bieryla and Matthew J Taylor and Matthew L. N. Ashby and Paula Gabriela Benav{\'i}dez and Adriano Campo Bagat{\'i}n and Guillermo Bernabeu},
We report the orbital distribution of the trans-neptunian objects (TNOs) discovered during the Canada-France Ecliptic Plane Survey (CFEPS), whose discovery phase ran from early 2003 until early 2007. The follow-up observations started just after the first discoveries and extended until late 2009. We obtained characterized observations of 321 sq.deg. of sky to depths in the range g 23.5 - 24.4 AB mag. We provide a database of 169 TNOs with high-precision dynamical classification and known… CONTINUE READING

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