The Cambridge illustrated glossary of botanical terms

  title={The Cambridge illustrated glossary of botanical terms},
  author={Michael C. Hickey and Clive King},
Foreword Acknowledgements Preface Notes to readers Symbols Prefixes (general) Prefixes (numerical) Suffixes Measurements Taxonomic ranks Part I. The Glossary Part II. The Illustrations: Roots, storage organs and vegetative reproduction Seeds and seedlings Growth and life forms General features of flowering plants Plant features and responses Leaf-like structures and other vegetative features Leaves Hairs and scales Floral features Flower structure Features of certain plant families Fruits… 
A Primer of Botanical Latin with Vocabulary
The comprehensive vocabulary is enhanced with terms from recent glossaries for non-flowering plants – lichens, mosses, algae, fungi and ferns - making this an ideal resource for anyone looking to hone their understanding of Latin grammar and to translate botanical texts from the past 300 years.
Practical Plant Identification: Including a Key to Native and Cultivated Flowering Plants in North Temperate Regions
Practical Plant Identification is an essential guide to identifying flowering plant families (wild or cultivated) in the northern hemisphere and a perfect introduction to plant identification for anyone interested in plant taxonomy.
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Taxonomic Revision of the Casearia ulmifolia Complex (Salicaceae)
A new species circumscription is presented for C. ulmifolia, C. cotticensis Uittien is reestablished, and one new species,C.
MORFOANATOMIA FOLIAR DE Irlbachia nemorosa (Willd. ex Roem. & Schult.) Merr. (GENTIANACEAE: HELIEAE)
The present study describes aspects of morphological and anatomical structure of the leaf of individuals of Irlbachia nemorosa, a genus native from Brazil that shows xeromorphic aspects conferring resistance to the plant.
Hidden in the rocks: A new species of Evolvulus L. (Convolvulaceae) revealed by anatomy
A new species endemic to a rock outcrop in Pernambuco State is revealed, which is described and illustrated herein and differs from Evolvulus glomeratus based on morphological and anatomical characters.
Bulbous plants in the Iberian peninsula the collection of the royal botanical garden Madrid
The geophites in the sense of Raunkiaer are herbaceous perennial plants with its perennating buds below the ground. They can be rhizomes, tubers, bulbs and corms, these last solid bulbs almost
Labellar anatomy of the Nervilia plicata complex (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae) in tropical Asia
The authors' results provide evidence of micromorphological differentiation among N. plicata populations in parts of tropical Asia.
A taxonomic reassessment of Viburnum (Adoxaceae) in the Azores
The taxonomic status of the Azorean endemic Viburnum tinus subsp. subcordatum is reassessed, using morphological characters and new molecular data from the ITS region and the trnK intron. A survey of