The Cambridge Companion to Karl Rahner

  title={The Cambridge Companion to Karl Rahner},
  author={Mary Ellen Hines and Declan Marmion and Nancy Ann Dallavalle},
1. Introducing Rahner Declan Marmion and Mary E. Hines Part I. Spiritual, Philosophical and Theological Roots: 2. Theology and spirituality Harvey D. Egan 3. Rahner's transcendental project Thomas Sheehan 4. Experience of grace Stephen J. Duffy Part II. Theological Investigations: 5. Method in theology Francis Schussler Fiorenza 6. Revelation and faith Daniel Donovan 7. Trinity David Coffey 8. Christology Roman Siebenrock 9. Ecclesiology and Ecumenism Richard Lennan 10. Ministry and worship… 
Mystery of grace and salvation: Karl Rahner's theology of the Trinity
Anyone familiar with the gargantuan theological output of the German Jesuit theologian Karl Rahner (1904–1984) can hardly miss the irony that for someone who is universally hailed as the most
The Mystical and Political Body: Christian Identity in the Theology of Karl Rahner
THE MYSTICAL AND POLITICAL BODY: CHRISTIAN IDENTITY IN THE THEOLOGY OF KARL RAHNER Erin Kidd, B.A., M.T.S. Marquette University Jesuit theologian Karl Rahner (1904-1984) is well known for initiating
Keeping Sense Open: Jean-Luc Nancy, Karl Rahner, and Bodies
This article introduces the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy to theologians by placing him in critical dialogue with Karl Rahner. It examines how Nancy's deconstruction of Christianity accuses
While outlining her plan for a new phenomenology of evil, Ivone Gebara (2004) describes the problems with classic visions of sin, evil, and redemption in Christianity: “we discover throughout
The Trinitarian Culture and Corporate Worship Practices of Canadian Pentecostals: A Contribution from the Theology of Colin Gunton
The Trinitarian Culture and Corporate Worship Practices of Canadian Pentecostals: A Contribution from the Theology of Colin Gunton Michael A. Tapper Thesis advisor: Catherine E. Clifford This thesis
From temple to text: reading and writing sacred spaces of poetic dwelling
This thesis inhabits the space between the art of poetry and the conditions of faith. Its concern is threefold: women, Church, poetics. It undertakes a journey from institutional Church into more
'God for Us' in the Challenge of Integral Human Development: Theology in Post-Vatican II Catholic Social Teaching
In what sense is Catholic social teaching theological? Undoubtedly theology is a resource for ethical reflection but it can also be an outcome of it. This dissertation explores the theological
The Venture of Mysticism in the New Millennium
W. R. Inge opened his 1899 Bampton lectures on Christian Mysticism by saying, “No word in our language—not even ‘Socialism’—has been employed more loosely than ‘Mysticism’” (Inge, 3). Over three
Faith in Faith: Reason, Faith, and Prayer in the Theology of Servais Pinckaers, OP
The audacity of faith is to believe in a knowledge, a truth, a superior and more profound wisdom than "science." Moreover, it is to hold that there is no opposition between a believing intellect and
Spirituality and Autonomous Religion in Southern Ontario: A Sociological and Theological Study
This thesis analyzes non-institutional forms of religion in Southern Ontario with depth and description, via interviews of a specific local population sample (n = 10), and provides interpretation of