The Cambridge Companion to Gothic Fiction

  title={The Cambridge Companion to Gothic Fiction},
  author={Jerrold E. Hogle},
Preface Contributors Chronology 1. Introduction: The 'Gothic' in Western culture Jerrold E. Hogle 2. The genesis of 'Gothic' fiction E. J. Clery 3. The 1790s: the effulgence of the Gothic Robert Miles 4. The continental Gothic Terry Hale 5. Gothic fictions and Romantic writing in Britain Michael Gamer 6. The Scottish and Irish Gothic David Punter 7. English Gothic theatre Jeffrey N. Cox 8. The Victorian Gothic in English novels and stories, 1830-85 Alison Milbank 9. The rise of American Gothic… 
Introduction: Queering Contemporary Gothic
After referring to Jeanette Winterson’s The Daylight Gate (2012) to illustrate some of the distinctive feature of queer Gothic fiction, the chapter summarises the development of queer Gothic from the
Gothic and Grotesque in James Hogg’s The Mysterious Bride
The word Gothic refers back to the Dark ages in England. The Roman civilization was ruined by the Goths who were the barbarians at that time. As a result of the destruction of Roman Empire, the whole
Rebellion against Patriarchy: A Study of Gothic in Carter's Short Stories
Angela Carter is considered by critics as one of the most original writers of the twentieth century. She gives scholars plenty of material to work with as she draws on many disciplines and sub-genres
Genre Trouble: The Challenges of Designing Modern and Contemporary Gothic Modules
Formerly relegated to scheduled weeks on Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey (1818) and its accompanying horrid novels, or else, considered only in passing in wider surveys of the Enlightenment in
An Analysis of The Falls from the Perspective of Gothic
This research studied the Gothic traditions in The Falls from its themes, languages and mysterious setting. Though Joyce Carol Oates may refuse to be characterized as a Gothic writer, more often than
The Gothic in Cristina García’s The Agüero Sisters
The American Gothic tradition includes literature in the United States that exhibits fantastic or otherworldly qualities. More often than not, however, when these traits appear in US Latina/o
Morrison's Beloved: An All-Encompassing Representation of the Gothic
The objective of this paper is to explore the presence of gothic elements in the novel Beloved (1987).The purpose of gothic story often is to shock and sensitize the audience. Toni Morrison's Beloved
Gothic Remains in South Asian English Fiction
The concepts of ‘living gothic’ and ‘gothic remains’ are more useful as critical tools, from a regional or postcolonial perspective, than that of the Gothic as a genre. It is not just that the Gothic
The Haunts of the Banditti: Transnationalism and Mediation in George Robinson’s Publishing Network
ABSTRACT In the 1790s, banditti occupied rocky shelves in picturesque landscapes and accompanied exiled aristocrats in gothic fiction; in news columns, they framed attempts at political participation
>Gothic< und >Gothic Novel<
After Horace Walpole published his Castle of Otranto in 1764 the Gothic Novel, or the >Schauerroman<, spread all over Europe. Many of these Gothic Novels took place in a fictitious medieval world.


The Useful Myth of Gothic Ancestry
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