The Californian urban butterfly fauna is dependent on alien plants

  title={The Californian urban butterfly fauna is dependent on alien plants},
  author={Arthur M Shapiro},
  journal={Diversity and Distributions},
  • A. Shapiro
  • Published 2002
  • Biology
  • Diversity and Distributions
Using the unusually well-documented butterfly fauna of Davis, Yolo County, Califor- nia, it is shown that the mainly native species commonly observed in gardens breed mostly or entirely on alien plants, especially naturalized weeds. Over 40% of the fauna has no known native hosts in the urban-suburban environment. Were certain alien weeds to be eradicated or their abundance greatly reduced, the urban-suburban butterfly fauna would disappear. This might be regarded as an unfortunate, and perhaps… Expand
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Interactions between two endangered butterflies and invasive, exotic grasses in western Oregon, USA
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Lantana Camara and Butterfly Abundance in an Urban Landscape: Benefits for Conservation or Species Invasion?
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