The Cadastral Map in the Service of the State

  title={The Cadastral Map in the Service of the State},
  author={Roger J. P. Kain and Elizabeth Baigent},
There is disclosed an aluminum-zinc alloy ohmic contact for semiconductor materials and methods for providing these ohmic contacts. This aluminum-zinc alloy contact has special application in P-type III-V compound semiconductor materials, and particular advantage in lightly doped P-type III-V compound semiconductors, to decrease the contact resistance, increase uniformity of the contact, improve wire bonding ease and quality, decrease electromigration, and decrease the substrate temperature for… 

Accurate area determination in the cadaster: case study of Slovenia

ABSTRACT This paper discusses methodological problems of accurate area determination in the cadaster. The paper contrasts the ambiguous legal definition of the parcel boundary and parcel area in

Analysis of historical change using cadastral materials in the carpathian foothills

Historical cadastral materials can provide the means to study land use changes. In this paper we describe a cadastral-based analysis of land use changes over a150-year period in a village located in

Restoration of Boundary Markers and the Determination of Boundary Points in the Context of the Reliability of the Register of Land and Buildings

The author opposes what is, in his opinion, an unauthorised, broad interpretation of the legal provisions, a consequence of which is the fact that a mere physical monumentation of a boundary point on the ground, performed under a technical procedure, fundamentally changes and increases the legal markerificance of this boundary point.

Evolution of land registration and cadastral survey systems in Sri Lanka

This paper reviews the evolutionary process of land registration and cadastral survey systems in Sri Lanka. It is a case study from Sri Lanka in the southern part of Asia. This case is of relevance

The Role of Cadastral Surveys and Maps in Land Settlement from England

The role of surveying and mapping the landscapes of colonial settlement is discussed. Cadastral maps (maps of landed property) have been used since the end of the Middle Ages by individuals and

The cadastral mapping of Palestine, 1858-1928

The development of the cadastral system and land mapping of Palestine is a domestic issue of land administration whose early development took place primarily in Europe. Twentieth-century Palestine

Japanese Cadastral Mapping in an East Asian Perspective, 1872-1915

Japan was the first country in East Asia to carry out a series of reforms for the establishment of a modern cadastral system. In 1872, the Meiji Government started to implement several policies

Do historical maps show the maximal anthropopressure in the Carpathians?

  • M. Sobala
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of Mountain Science
  • 2021
Many landscapes bear the marks of historical land use. These marks can be the basis for a reconstruction of a historical land use structure as some of them are typical of different types of human


Land use conversion is a dynamic process that occurs all over the world. The scale of this process is global, and depends on related driving forces. There are numerous case studies of land use