The Ca/P range of nanoapatitic calcium phosphate cements.

  title={The Ca/P range of nanoapatitic calcium phosphate cements.},
  author={F. C. M. Driessens and M G Boltong and Erna A. P. De Maeyer and Robert Wenz and Berthold Nies and Josep Ant{\'o}n Planell},
  volume={23 19},
Nanoapatites are apatites consisting of nanometer size crystals. The commercial calcium phosphate cements set by the precipitation of nanoapatitic calcium phosphates in the range 1.5 < or = Ca/P < 1.8. In this study it is shown that a continuum of nanoapatites can precipitate in the range 0.8 < Ca/P< or = 1.5. In order to be formed these nanoapatites need to incorporate K+ ions. In addition they can incorporate some Na+ ions. Upon immersion in aqueous solutions these nanoapatites loose… CONTINUE READING

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