The CR-CO discrepancy and its effect on cephalometric measurements.

  title={The CR-CO discrepancy and its effect on cephalometric measurements.},
  author={M J Shildkraut and Dr. R. Patrick Wood and William S. Hunter},
  journal={The Angle orthodontist},
  volume={64 5},
The purpose of the present study was to compare cephalometric measurements derived from a centric occlusion (CO) tracing with those of a converted centric relation (CR) tracing. The sample consisted of 68 consecutively treated patients, with a CR-CO discrepancy of 2 mm or greater in either the horizontal and/or vertical planes, measured at the condyles from mounted models. Comparisons were also made within the sample between the 39 females and 29 males; and the 35 skeletal Class I and 33 Class… CONTINUE READING
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