The COntext INterchange Mediator Prototype

  title={The COntext INterchange Mediator Prototype},
  author={St{\'e}phane Bressan and Cheng Hian Goh and Kofi Fynn and Marta Jessica Jakobisiak and Karim Hussein and Henry B. Kon and Thomas Lee and Stuart E. Madnick and Tito Pena and Jessica Qu and Annie W. Shum and Michael Siegel},
  booktitle={SIGMOD Conference},
The <italic>Context Interchange</italic> strategy presents a novel approach for mediated data access in which semantic conflicts among heterogeneous systems are not identified a priori, but are detected and reconciled by a <italic>context mediator</italic> through comparison of <italic>contexts</italic>. This paper reports on the implementation of a Context Interchange Prototype which provides a concrete demonstration of the features and benefits of this integration strategy. 

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