The COMFET—A new high conductance MOS-gated device

  title={The COMFET\&\#8212;A new high conductance MOS-gated device},
  author={John P. Russell and Alvin Malcolm Goodman and L. Goodman and John Manning Savidge Neilson},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
A new MOS gate-controlled power switch with a very low on-resistance is described. The fabrication process is similar to that of an n-channel power MOSFET but employs an n--epitaxial layer grown on a p+substrate. In operation, the epitaxial region is conductivity modulated (by excess holes and electrons) thereby eliminating a major component of the on-resistance. For example, on-resistance values have been reduced by a factor of about 10 compared with those of conventional n-channel power… 

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