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The CKM Matrix and the Unitarity Triangle

  title={The CKM Matrix and the Unitarity Triangle},
  author={M. Battaglia and A. Buras and P. Gambino and A. Stocchi and D. Abbaneo and A. Ali and P. Amaral and V. Andreev and M. Artuso and E. Barberio and C. Bauer and D. Be{\vc}irevi{\'c} and M. Beneke and I. Bigi and C. Bozzi and T. Brandt and G. Buchalla and M. Calvi and D. Cassel and V. Cirigliano and M. Ciuchini and G. Colangelo and A. Dighe and G. Dubois-Felsmann and G. Eigen and K. Ecklund and P. Faccioli and R. Fleischer and J. Flynn and R. Forty and E. Franco and P. Gagnon and R. Gupta and S. Hashimoto and R. Hawkings and D. Hitlin and A. Hoang and A. Hocker and T. Hurth and G. Isidori and E. al.},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
This report contains the results of the Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle that was held at CERN on 13-16 February 2002. There had been several Workshops on B physics that concentrated on studies at e{sup +}e{sup -} machines, at the Tevatron, or at LHC separately. Here we brought together experts of different fields, both theorists and experimentalists, to study the determination of the CKM matrix from all the available data of K, D, and B physics. The analysis of LEP data for B physics is… Expand
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