The CD14 -159C-to-T promoter polymorphism in periodontal disease.

  title={The CD14 -159C-to-T promoter polymorphism in periodontal disease.},
  author={Matthias Folwaczny and J{\"u}rgen Glas and Helga-Paula T{\"o}r{\"o}k and Kathinka Fricke and Christian Folwaczny},
  journal={Journal of clinical periodontology},
  volume={31 11},
BACKGROUND A single-nucleotide promoter polymorphism in the CD14 gene was associated with various inflammatory conditions. The present study sought to determine the frequency of the CD14 -159C-to-T polymorphism among subjects with periodontitis and healthy control individuals. METHODS A total of 70 patients with periodontal disease and 75 healthy controls were genotyped for the CD14 -159C-to-T polymorphism. Genotyping was performed by polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length… CONTINUE READING

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