The CBFβ Subunit Is Essential for CBFα2 (AML1) Function In Vivo

  title={The CBFβ Subunit Is Essential for CBFα2 (AML1) Function In Vivo},
  author={Qing Wang and Terryl Stacy and Janelle D. Miller and Amy F Lewis and Ting-lei Gu and Xuemei Huang and John H. Bushweller and Jean-Christophe Bories and Frederick W Alt and Gabriella Ryan and Pu Liu and Anthony Wynshaw-Boris and Michael K. Binder and Miguel Mar{\'i}n-Padilla and Arlene H Sharpe and Nancy A Speck},
(for review, see Orkin, 1995). A transcription factor complex that plays a central role in hematopoiesis is the 1 unit can bind DNA as a monomer in vitro, but its affinity 1 Department of Biochemistry for DNA is 5-to 10-fold greater when it binds DNA as Dartmouth Medical School a CBF␣:␤ heterodimer (Ogawa et al., 1993a; Wang et al., Hanover, New Hampshire 03755 1993). The only function ascribed to the CBF␤ subunit is 2 Department of Chemistry that it increases the affinity of the CBF␣ subunit… CONTINUE READING