The C++ for OpenCL Programming Language

  title={The C++ for OpenCL Programming Language},
  author={Anastasia Stulova and Neil Hickey and Sven van Haastregt and Marco Antognini and Kevin Petit},
  journal={Proceedings of the International Workshop on OpenCL},
The OpenCL programming model has traditionally been C based. On the host side however, C++ gained quite a lot of popularity lately, with C++ bindings becoming available [1]. The kernel side language has been primarily C99 based for a very long time up until last year when in Clang 9 experimental support of C++ for OpenCL has been released [2]. The main motivation for adding this language mode is to allow developers to leverage modern C++ features when writing complex applications for GPUs and… Expand
Enabling the Use of C++20 Unseq Execution Policy for OpenCL
This work facilitates the usage of unsequenced execution policy as seen in C++20 standard library with the newly introduced OpenCL kernel language, C++ for OpenCL. By passing unseq, a global objectExpand