The Butterfly Did It: The Aberrant Vote for Buchanan in Palm Beach County, Florida

  title={The Butterfly Did It: The Aberrant Vote for Buchanan in Palm Beach County, Florida},
  author={Jonathan N. Wand and Kenneth W. Shotts and Jasjeet S. Sekhon and Walter R. Mebane and Michael C. Herron and Henry E. Brady},
  journal={American Political Science Review},
  pages={793 - 810}
We show that the butterfly ballot used in Palm Beach County, Florida, in the 2000 presidential election caused more than 2,000 Democratic voters to vote by mistake for Reform candidate Pat Buchanan, a number larger than George W. Bush's certified margin of victory in Florida. We use multiple methods and several kinds of data to rule out alternative explanations for the votes Buchanan received in Palm Beach County. Among 3,053 U.S. counties where Buchanan was on the ballot, Palm Beach County has… Expand
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