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The Business Value of Business inTelligence

  title={The Business Value of Business inTelligence},
  author={M. Bendel},
This paper focuses on the influence of BI on manufacturing and distribution organizations, although much of what’s covered in it can apply to businesses in non-related industries, as well. To kick it off, the chart below illustrates the primary value propositions of business intelligence and the types of business analytics (e.g., Sales, Inventory, Supplier Performance analysis) that support each value area. The effect of BI on each of these business value areas are then discussed in more detail… 
Measuring the effects of business intelligence systems: The relationship between business process and organizational performance
A new measure is developed based on an understanding of the characteristics of BI systems in a process-oriented framework that is employed in an examination of the relationship between the business process performance and organizational performance, finding significant differences in the strength of the relationships between industry sectors.
A review of real time business intelligence
Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming more necessary for firms to make better decisions. In today's competitive environment analyzing data to predict market trends and to improve enterprise
Business Intelligence Benefits and its Areas
The importance and advantages offered by BI in the decision-making process are analyzed by analyzing the factors, technologies and best techniques for the implementation of BI.
Role of Business Intelligence in Supply Chain Management
When any firm wants to build and sell a product to other businesses, it buys raw materials and a variety of contracted services from other companies. The interrelationships with suppliers, customers,
Factors critical to the success of business intelligence systems
The thesis reports on research that investigated the critical success factors associated with the use of Business Intelligence as an extension of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Many
Conceptual Model of Business Value of Business Intelligence Systems
With advances in the business intelligence area, there is an increasing interest for the introduction of business intelligence systems into organizations. Although the opinion about business
Designing business intelligence (BI) for production, distribution and customer services: a case study of a UAE-based organization
  • M. Nuseir
  • Computer Science, Business
    Bus. Process. Manag. J.
  • 2021
This study highlights the process of BI in the production, distribution and customer services based on the National Food Products Company (NFPC) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and refers to graphical illustrations of the business needs and the organization's target key performance indicators (KPI).
Grassroots Business Intelligence as an Enabler of Change Management: A Case Study at a Large Global Manufacturing Firm
A case study at a large international manufacturing firm headquartered in the EU suggests that firms consider BI to be the enabler of change management rather than simply technical tools that extend the traditional systems environment.
Using Business Intelligence to Support the Process of Organizational Sensemaking
This paper investigates the opportunities in using BI technologies to make sense of a business environment and highlights the need for creating and maintaining individual; and organizational identity and enacting this identity on the business and its environment.
Aligning Process Automation and Business Intelligence to Support Corporate Performance Management
The proposed article is to depict how new trends in the IS area can lead to a convergence of BPA and BI and therefore deliver appropriate support for an integrated corporate performance management (CPM).


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