The Business Model: Recent Developments and Future Research

  title={The Business Model: Recent Developments and Future Research},
  author={Christoph Zott and Raphael Amit and Lorenzo Massa},
  journal={Journal of Management},
  pages={1019 - 1042}
This article provides a broad and multifaceted review of the received literature on business models in which the authors examine the business model concept through multiple subject-matter lenses. The review reveals that scholars do not agree on what a business model is and that the literature is developing largely in silos, according to the phenomena of interest of the respective researchers. However, the authors also found emerging common themes among scholars of business models. Specifically… 

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Purpose The aim of this paper is to review and synthesise the recent advancements in the business model literature and explore how firms approach business model innovation.

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Business Models

It is argued that the BISE community offers distinct and unique competencies that can be harnessed for significant research contributions to this field and within this research gap three distinct streams are delineated.

Business model innovation: a review and research agenda

  • W. Wahyono
  • Business
    Journal of Indian Business Research
  • 2018
Purpose This paper aims to review and synthesise the recent advancements in the business model literature and explore how firms approach business model innovation. Design/methodology/approach A

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This paper offers an outline for a conceptual business model and proposes that it should include customers and competitors, the offering, activities and organisation, resources and factor market interactions, and the causal inter-relations and the longitudinal processes by which business models evolve should also be included.

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While the term “business model” has gained widespread use in the practice community, the academic literature on this topic is fragmented and confounded by inconsistent definitions and construct

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This paper presents a theory of business model innovation (BMI) within incumbent firms. The process of business model change is examined, with particular attention to business units in a