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The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence

  title={The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence},
  author={Josh Freedman and Todd Everett},
1. The US Air Force used the EQ-I to select recruiters (the Air Force’s front-line HR personnel) and found that the most successful recruiters scored significantly higher in the emotional intelligence competencies of Assertiveness, Empathy, Happiness, and Emotional Self Awareness. The Air Force also found that by using emotional intelligence to select recruiters, they increased their ability to predict successful recruiters by nearly threefold. The immediate gain was a saving of $3 million… Expand
Emotional intelligence has become an important part of every organization in today’s era. It is of utmost importance in the management domain. Organizations these days are demanding a blend of anExpand
The effects of emotional intelligence, age, work experience, and academic performance.
In recent years, emotional intelligence (EI) has been a popular topic of debate in the field of management. It has been praised as a successful predictor of job performance and leadership ability.Expand
Assessing Workplace Emotional Intelligence: Development and Validation of an Ability-based Measure
The findings affirm the importance of EI in the workplace in the context of a valid new instrument for assessing relevant skills and establish that the NEAT had predictive validity with respect to job satisfaction, job stress, and job performance. Expand
A Study on the Relationship of Social Capital and Citizenship Behavior with Emotional Intelligence
The present paper aims at determining to what extent the Emotional Intelligence (EI) affects the Social Capital (SC) as well as assessing the influence of employee's citizenship behavior (CB) as aExpand
Exploring the Relationship Between Diversity Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and Executive Coaching to Enhance Leader Development Practices
The Problem Leadership development is one of the most pressing issues for human resource practitioners within organizations. Recently, coaching to enhance emotional intelligence (EQ) has become aExpand
Examing the relationship of emotional intelligence and political skill with effective educational leadership styles
  • 2010
Schools, are political arenas where social skills are becoming important. In that way politically and emotionally skilled educational leaders combine social effectiveness skills with the capacity toExpand
Emotional Intelligence in Marketing Exchanges
This research examines how sales professionals use emotions in marketing exchanges to facilitate positive outcomes for their firms, themselves, and their customers. The authors conduct three fieldExpand
Leadership Institute: Building Leadership Capacity through Emotional Intelligence.
Given the changing dynamics of society and the pressures on Extension organizations to adapt, leadership effectiveness has become a crucial element of success. The program presented here is designedExpand
Emotional Intelligence of Financial Planners in Mediation
A commonality of the professions of mediation and financial planning is dealing with the emotional aspects of the client(s). It is surprising then that more formal training on management of theExpand
Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Performance among Software Professionals in Kerala
Over the years, the construct of emotional intelligence has matured and harnessed international recognition. Emotional Intelligence involves the capacity to absorb, appreciate and discerningly manageExpand


Emotional intelligence in the collection of debt.
Two studies are reported which compare more and less successful account officers (debt collectors) in terms of their emotional intelligence, measured using the BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory. TheExpand
Identifying Competencies with Behavioral-Event Interviews
Coding competencies from behavioral-event interviews according to the principles of a new approach to assessment (McClelland, 1973) produces assessments that are reliable and validly associated withExpand
Individual differences in output variability as a function of job complexity.
The hypothesis was tested that the standard deviation of employee output as a percentage of mean output (SD,,) increases as a function of the complexity level of the job. The data examined wereExpand
Competence at Work: Models for Superior Performance
Partial table of contents: THE CONCEPT OF COMPETENCE. Definition of a "Competency". A COMPETENCY DICTIONARY. Achievement and Action. Managerial. Cognitive. DEVELOPING A MODEL. Designing CompetencyExpand
Personal Differences, Job Tension, Job Outcomes, and Store Performance: A Study of Retail Store Managers
The authors investigate the relationships between four personal difference variables and job outcomes of retail store managers. They also investigate the influence of job tension on managerialExpand
The Competent Manager: A Model for Effective Performance
Competence and Job Performance. The Research Design and Methods. The Goal and Action Management Cluster. The Leadership Cluster. The Human Resource Management Cluster. The Directing SubordinatesExpand
Working with emotional intelligence. New York: Bantam. Hay/McBer Research and Innovation Group
  • This research was provided to Daniel Goleman and is reported in his book (Goleman,
  • 1998
Competency assessment methods: History and state of the art
  • 1997
This research was provided to Daniel Goleman and is reported in his book
  • 1997
Activity vector analysis: Some applications to the concept of emotional intelligence
  • 1996