The Buoyancy Approach to U-tube Problems

  title={The Buoyancy Approach to U-tube Problems},
  author={P.-M. Binder and Matthew Magowan},
  • P.-M. Binder, Matthew Magowan
  • Published 2016
  • Physics
  • In this note we unify two physical situations treatable with hydrostatics: an object floating on a denser fluid and an open U-shaped tube with two immiscible fluids. We begin by reviewing the problem of a partially floating uniform, rectangular prism of horizontal area A immersed in a denser fluid, with respective densities ρ1 < ρh for the prism and fluid (the subscripts stand for light and heavy): see Fig. 1. We define three horizontal levels within the solid, y0, y1, and y2, corresponding to… CONTINUE READING

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