The Bugis Chronicle of Bone

  title={The Bugis Chronicle of Bone},
  author={Campbell Macknight and Mukhlis Paeni and Muhlis Hadrawi},

Recollections of a lost kingdom: The varied interactions between history and memory in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

This paper looks at the ways in which the Bugis of South Sulawesi, Indonesia remember their distant past. The example of Allangkanangngé ri Latanété, a palace site of the legendary polity of Cina,

Possible Traces of Early Malay Settlement in South Sulawesi

ABSTRACT Indigenous written sources and local tradition attribute the emergence of the Bugis kingdom of Suppa on the west coast of South Sulawesi (Indonesia) to events in the 15th century. A founding

A Biografi Lanskap Pusat Kerajaan Bone

Watampone merupakan situs pusat Kerajaan Bone yang memilik biografi lanskap dinamis, dari unit-unit kampung kecil tradisional (abad ke-14 M) hingga mencapai bentuk kota kolonial pada awal abad ke-20.



Making Blood White

Voyages to the East Indies . 3 volumes. By J. S. Stavorinus. Translated from Dutch by S. H. Wilcocke. Dawsons of Pall Mall, London 1969. Price: £21 a set.

There are other statements by Pinto which need corroboration, but which may be of value. Was Acheh so powerful in 1539 as to attack Tenasserim? Did an envoy from Brunei kill the sultan of Pahang

Variation in Bugis Manuscripts

C.C. Macknight & LA. Caldwell ; Les Bugis de Celebes-Sud, de meme que les Makassar et d'autres de leurs voisins, possedent une tradition de l'ecrit qui remonte aux environs de l'annee 1300. Bien