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The Bscs 5e Instructional Model Origins Effectiveness And Applications

  title={The Bscs 5e Instructional Model Origins Effectiveness And Applications},
  author={Ali Gardner and Alicia Gordy Westbrook},

The Influence of an Inquiry-based Approach on Grade Four Learners’ Understanding of the Particulate Nature of Matter in the Gaseous Phase: A Case Study

A qualitative pre-/post-test case study was conducted to explore the influence of inquiry-based education in eliciting learners’ understanding of the particulate nature of matter in the gaseous

How Might We Raise Interest in Robotics, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, STEAM and Sustainable Development in University and On-the-Job Teacher Training?

Schools are searching for strategies to foster 4C competencies (Creativity, Cooperation, Communication and Critical Thinking) in children. Scientific Reasoning, Critical Thinking, and the ability to

Pre-Service Teacher Experiences of the 5E Instructional Model: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Studies

  • Serife Turan
  • Education
    Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
  • 2021
This systematic review of qualitative studies was conducted to identify the factors that influence how pre-service science/math teachers implement the 5E instructional model and the challenges and

THE The Effectiveness of a Professional Development Program on the use of STEM-based 5E Inquiry Learning Model for Science Teachers in China

This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of a professional development program on the use of a STEM-based 5E Inquiry Learning Model in enhancing the learning of STEM-based Inquiry Learning


This research was based on a conviction that Inquiry-Based Science Teaching (IBST) is a viable approach for achieving the different goals for teaching science; it presents a suitable context for

Do Preservice Science Teachers Develop Goals Reflective of Science Teacher Education? A Case Study of Three Preservice Science Teachers

One broad research question researchers continue to pursue is: to what degree does science teacher education influence the thinking of preservice science teachers? In other words, how has the

Validating a 3E Rubric Assessing Pre-service Science Teachers’ Practical Knowledge of Inquiry Teaching

Inquiry teaching in science education has been widely advocated for decades. It is a critical learning objective in many science teacher preparation programs. Despite its importance, it is not

Using Concept Maps to Reveal Prospective Elementary Teachers' Knowledge of Buoyancy.

The purpose of this exploratory qualitative study was to investigate prospective elementary teachers’ conceptual understanding of buoyancy. Specifically, the study aimed to identify the

Assessing the scientific inquiry practices of teachers and investigating their relationship with student learning

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5E Inquiry Learning Model: Its Effect on Science Achievement among Malaysian Year 5 Indian Students

This study aims to establish the effectiveness of 5E inquiry learning model to enhance the science achievement among Malaysian Year 5 Indian students. Accordingly, the teaching sequence using the