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The Broadband Phone Network : Experiences with Context-Aware Telephony CUED / F − INFENG / TR . 533

  title={The Broadband Phone Network : Experiences with Context-Aware Telephony CUED / F − INFENG / TR . 533},
  author={Ripduman Sohan and Alastair Tse},
We introduce the Broadband Phone, a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) based phone which integrates a high-resolution, touch-sensitive LCD screen. The Broadband Phone Network features: (i) a thin-client network architecture enabling easy integration into the sentient environment at the Anonymous University; (ii) location-sensing via the Active Bat indoor location system allowing applications such as the “follow-me phone”; and (iii) location-based handover of Bluetooth connections, enabling integration of the… 

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