The Brief Social Phobia Scale: a psychometric evaluation.

  title={The Brief Social Phobia Scale: a psychometric evaluation.},
  author={Jonathan R. T. Davidson and Cherri M. Miner and J De Veaugh-Geiss and Larry A. Tupler and J T Colket and Nicholas L S Potts},
  journal={Psychological medicine},
  volume={27 1},
The Brief Social Phobia Scale (BSPS) is an observer-rated scale designed to assess the characteristic symptoms of social phobia, using three subscales-fear, avoidance, and physiological arousal-which may be combined into a total score. Each of 18 BSPS items is anchored to a 5-point rating scale. Psychometric evaluation of the BSPS in a sample of 275 social-phobia patients yielded a high level of reliability and validity. Test-retest reliability was excellent, as was internal consistency. The… CONTINUE READING