The Brain of LB1, Homo floresiensis

  title={The Brain of LB1, Homo floresiensis},
  author={D. Falk and C. Hildebolt and K. Smith and M. Morwood and T. Sutikna and P. Brown and Jatmiko and E. Saptomo and B. Brunsden and F. Prior},
  pages={242 - 245}
  • D. Falk, C. Hildebolt, +7 authors F. Prior
  • Published 2005
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Science
  • The brain of Homo floresiensis was assessed by comparing a virtual endocast from the type specimen (LB1) with endocasts from great apes, Homo erectus, Homo sapiens, a human pygmy, a human microcephalic, specimen number Sts 5 (Australopithecus africanus), and specimen number WT 17000 (Paranthropus aethiopicus). Morphometric, allometric, and shape data indicate that LB1 is not a microcephalic or pygmy. LB1's brain/body size ratio scales like that of an australopithecine, but its endocast shape… CONTINUE READING
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