The Brain/MINDS 3D digital marmoset brain atlas

  title={The Brain/MINDS 3D digital marmoset brain atlas},
  author={Alexander Woodward and Tsutomu Hashikawa and Masahide Maeda and Takaaki Kaneko and Keigo Hikishima and Atsushi Iriki and Hideyuki Okano and Yoko Yamaguchi},
  journal={Scientific Data},
We present a new 3D digital brain atlas of the non-human primate, common marmoset monkey (Callithrix jacchus), with MRI and coregistered Nissl histology data. To the best of our knowledge this is the first comprehensive digital 3D brain atlas of the common marmoset having normalized multi-modal data, cortical and sub-cortical segmentation, and in a common file format (NIfTI). The atlas can be registered to new data, is useful for connectomics, functional studies, simulation and as a reference… 

The NanoZoomer Connectomics Pipeline for Tracer Injection Studies of the Marmoset Brain

Results show the pipeline can successfully process and normalize tracer injection experiments into a common space, making it suitable for large-scale connectomics studies with a focus on the cerebral cortex.

Histology-based average template of the marmoset cortex with probabilistic localization of cytoarchitectural areas

A new open access template of the marmoset cortex (the Nencki–Monash, or NM template), representing a morphological average of 20 brains of young adult individuals, obtained by 3D reconstructions generated from Nissl-stained serial sections is reported on.

The NanoZoomer artificial intelligence connectomics pipeline for tracer injection studies of the marmoset brain

Results show the connectomics pipeline can successfully process and normalize tracer injection experiments into a common space, making it suitable for large-scale connectomics studies with a focus on the cerebral cortex.

MarmoNet: a pipeline for automated projection mapping of the common marmoset brain from whole-brain serial two-photon tomography

The current state of the tracer signal analysis part of the pipeline is introduced, which incorporates state-of-the-art machine learning techniques based on artificial convolutional neural networks (CNN) and image registration techniques to extract and map all relevant information in a robust manner.

Anatomical variability, multi-modal coordinate systems, and precision targeting in the marmoset brain

A non-invasive multi-modal neuroimaging-based targeting pipeline is developed, which accounts for intersubject anatomical variability in cranial and cortical landmarks in marmosets, and demonstrates substantial intersubject variability inmarmoset brain and cranial landmarks.

A high-throughput neurohistological pipeline for brain-wide mesoscale connectivity mapping of the common marmoset

This is the first detailed systems-level presentation of the methodology required for high-throughput neuroanatomy in a model primate and will facilitate the systematic assembly of a mesoscale connectivity matrix together with unprecedented 3D reconstructions of brain-wide projection patterns in a primate brain.

Constructing the rodent stereotaxic brain atlas: a survey

It is believed that the use of single-cell resolution and micron-level location precision will become a future trend in the study of the stereotaxic brain atlas, which will greatly benefit the development of neuroscience.

Diffusion MRI data, sulcal anatomy, and tractography for eight species from the Primate Brain Bank

Large-scale comparative neuroscience requires data from many species and, ideally, at multiple levels of description. Here, we contribute to this endeavor by presenting diffusion and structural MRI



3D Brain Atlas Reconstructor Service—Online Repository of Three-Dimensional Models of Brain Structures

3D Brain Atlas Reconstructor service (3dBARs) described here is a repository of digital representations of different brain atlases in CAF format which was recently proposed and a repositories of 3D models of brain structures.

The marmoset brain in stereotaxic coordinates

The Marmoset Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates is the most comprehensive atlas of the brain of this animal available and will be an indispensible tool for neuroanatomists, behavioral neuroscientists, and molecular biologists trying to understand the primate brain.

The Scalable Brain Atlas: Instant Web-Based Access to Public Brain Atlases and Related Content

The Scalable Brain Atlas is an atlas viewer that displays brain atlas data as a stack of slices in which stereotaxic coordinates and brain regions can be selected, and supports plugins which run inside the viewer and respond when a new slice, coordinate or region is selected.

Current models of the marmoset brain

A simpler primate brain: the visual system of the marmoset monkey

It is argued that the marmoset monkey provides a good subject for studies of a complex visual system, which will likely allow an important bridge linking experiments in animal models to humans.

Stereotaxic and Chemoarchitectural Atlas of the Brain of the Common Marmoset (Callithrix Jacchus)

This book discusses the evolution of the Common Marmoset through Ecology, Behavior and Evolution, and the role of MRI, Perfusion and Tissue Processing Imaging in this evolution.

The Brain of the Common Marmoset (Callithrix jacchus)

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