The Brachiopoda, a division of Annelida

  title={The Brachiopoda, a division of Annelida},
  author={Edward Sylvester Morse},
  journal={American Journal of Science and Arts},
  pages={100 - 104}
  • E. Morse
  • Geology
  • American Journal of Science and Arts

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Metamorphosis in Craniiformea revisited: Novocrania anomala shows delayed development of the ventral valve
The “brachiopod fold hypothesis,” which argues that brachiopods are transversely “folded” across the ontogenetic anterior–posterior axis, should be rejected at least with respect to the craniiforms, and the data now suggest that the Craniiformea may be a derived group within the Rhynchonelliformea. Expand
A Supra-Ordinal Classification of the Brachiopoda
A new classification of the Brachiopoda is proposed to take into account recent advances in understanding of the anatomy, shell morphology, ontogeny and phylogeny of the phylum, and is divided into three subphyla, each typified by Recent species with early Palaeozoic ancestors and defined by easily identifiable synapomorphies. Expand
Historical aspects of studies on the Brachiopoda by E.S. Morse.
  • R. Dexter
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Systematic zoology
  • 1966
Edward S. Morse's classification of Brachiopoda became one of his principal contributions to zoology and showed that brachiopods form a distinct group somewhat related to tubicolous annelids. Expand


Andropogon scoparius 20 pel' cent. Kuhnia eupatorioides 1 plant. Atiliropogon fUl'catus 2 pel' ccnt. Petalostemon violacel1m 1 plant
    Andropogon scoparius, 40 pel' cent. Andropogon fmcatus 1 plant. Sorghum nutans 30 per cent. Gel'ardia asperifolia
      A~ter ll1ultifiol'llS 10 plants. Panicul1l dichotomlllll 1 plant. ARter azureus 5 plants. Liatl'is scariosa 1 plant
        COl'eopsis tinctoria 1 plant. Psoralea fioribunda 1 plant
          Eragrostis capillaris 1 plant. Lespecleza capitata 1 plant. EryngiuIl1 yuccrefoliulll 1 plant. Silphillll1 laciniatum 1 plant
            Eryllgilllll Yllccrefolium 1 plant
              Krelel'ia cristata, 10 per cent
                Liatris sqnarrosa 8 plants. Euphorbia corollata 1 plant. Panicum dichotomul1l 3 plants, Krelel'ia cristata 1 plant. Oxalis violacea 1 plant. Echinacea aIlgllstifolia 1 plant. LiIlllm Boottii 1 plant
                  Linum Boottii 10 plants. Solidago Iinifolia 4 plants. Polygala verticillata 3 plants. Baptisia leucantha 1 plant. Antenaria dioica 3 plants
                    Polytamia N llttallii 1 plant. Bouteloua curtipendllia 1 plant. Ambrosia pycnostachya 1 plant. Petalostemon violaeellm 1 plant. Poly gala inearnata 1 plant